Chocolate Granola
Recipe type: Snacks
Prep time: 
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Serves: 3 ball jars
Perfect healthy snack to eat by itself or as a topping for yogurt, smoothies, or overnight oats!
  • 3 cups oats
  • ½ cup pecans
  • ½ cup sliced almonds
  • ½ tsp. pink himalayan sea salt
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds*
  • ¼ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • ½ cup honey (maple syrup or agave nectar can be used as well)*
  • ¼ cup melted coconut oil
  • 1 large egg white, slightly beaten until foamy*
  • ⅓ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together oats, nuts, salt, chia, cocoa powder, and cinnamon.
  3. Add honey, coconut oil, and egg white and mix again until fully combined.
  4. Spread out onto sheet pan lined with silicon or parchment. Bake at 300 degrees F for 30 minutes, or until fragrant and lightly browned. (Granola will still be soft right out of the oven, it hardens as it cools.) Leave out to cool for at least 10-15 minutes. Add a handful of chocolate chips. Transfer to airtight containers (I use three Ball glass jars). Will keep for up to a month at room temperature. Enjoy!
*If making vegan, replace honey with maple syrup or agave. Omit egg white and make a chia egg by mixing 1 tablespoon of chia seeds with 3 tablespoons water and setting in fridge for 15 minutes before adding to granola. Make sure to use vegan chocolate chips.
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